If you have a translated copy order (German, French, Spanish, Polish) these start to be shipped in around two months.

If you wished for the English copy, at this point we've shipped almost every order from our Pledge Manager, save for handful very late (recent) ones or orders with mistakes. If you don't have the shipment notice or not received the game yet, most likely you did not filled out the Pledge Manager (https://edge.gamefound.com/en).

As long as you're an initial Kickstarter backer, you can set the account ("Sign up") on the Gamefound Pledge manager (using your KS mail - it's important to use this one!). Once the account will be set, you'll be able to see the amount of credits in the upper right corner - it's the sum you've already paid through Kickstarter, and it's appearing as the store credit to be used in Gamefound Pledge Manager to get your pledge. 

At this point the Pledge Manager is closed (since 1st of May). We'll however open back the Pledge Manager after the orders will be send - in about a month; You'll be able to finalize the pledge manager then. You should receive the notification by the project update Kickstarter mail notification.

The credits are assigned to your mail account connected to the Kickstarter account, so it's important to use this account to sign up. If you don't have access to your Kickstarter mail, please contact us directly.

Please use the credits to choose the pledge level you've went on with on Kickstarter. You're also able to upgrade the pledge level and some addons and/or expansions over the limit of the Pledge from Kickstarter. Simply, you'd be able to pay the difference in the final checkout. As in the regular webstore, in the checkout you'll be able to provide the shipment info and pay the shipment.